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  • Does it hurt?
    Every person has a different threshold for pain. What one person considers not painful at all could be devastating to another. Some people describe the feeling of getting tattooed as a hot scratch. Others describe it as annoying. You might feel stinging or burning when the artist outlines or details your design. If you're getting a bony spot inked, you might feel a vibrating sensation. The most common feeling, however, is a low-grade pain that's moderate enough for you to be distracted from it by talking, watching TV, or listening to music. In any case, most people say the discomfort was not nearly as bad as they feared—and entirely worth it. After a short period of time, your body’s natural pain-killers (endorphins), kick in and make things much more manageable. How long these endorphins last usually defines your natural ‘limit’ as to how long a tattoo session you can handle (usually between 2-3 hours), after this time, you will tend to start to become uncomfortable. We also sell a numbing creme in the shop if you are worried about pain. The numbing creme has to be purchased before your appointment so it can be applied 1 hour before your appointment time at home.
  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    First of all, the tattoo pricing has been haggled out even before the artists' quote the client a price. Tattoo pricing contains a large variety of variables such as the time, material costs, detail of the design, size, color, body placement, artist licensing and education, utilities, cost of running a business, etc. Sometimes it is very difficult to quote a tattoo before drawing up the design so you may receive a price range from the artist. The store minimum for a tattoo is $100. Remember that artist tips are gladly accepted.
  • Can I catch a disease from getting a tattoo?
    This is very highly unlikely but can be possible. At Skin Revolution Tattoo Studio, we use universal precautions to prevent the potential infection and transmission of blood-borne pathogens from one client to the next and client to tattoo artist. All artists receive yearly training in blood-borne pathogens. Single use supplies are used for all tattoo precedures and all surfaces are steriled between clients. All inks in use in the studio are professional pre-sterilized inks purchased from tattoo suppliers. Once the tattoo is complete, we sterlize your tattoo and cover it in Saniderm to keep it sterlized during the first 3 days of healing. After the 3rd day and the Saniderm is removed, we recommend using a tattoo aftercare product we sell in the shop to keep your tattoo moisturized.
  • I am 16 can I get a tattoo?
    Per Kansas law, no tattooing on any person under 18 years of age without the prior written and notarized consent of the parent or court appointed guardian. The person giving such consent must be present during the entire tattooing procedure. If you are under 18 have your parent or guardian contact us for the proper form to be notarized.
  • What is the Deposit/Scheduling/Cancellation Policy?
    Thank you for Choosing Skin Revolution Tattoo Studio for your next tattoo experience. To make an appointment, you will be charged a 40% deposit the day you make the appointment to get on our schedule. This deposit goes toward the total price of your tattoo. For example, if you are getting a $200 tattoo, you will need to put down a deposit of $80 to get scheduled. You will owe the additional $120 the day of the tattoo making the total for that tattoo $200.00 If you cannot make your appointment, Skin Revolution Tattoo Studio requires a 72 hour (3 day) notice of the need to reschedule. Your deposit will be moved to the new date of the tattoo with the reschedule. If you do not give a 72 hour notice, you will lose your deposit and will be charged another deposit in order to make another appointment. If you continually miss your appointments without the 72 hour notice, Skin Revolution LLC will send you a bill for the total amount of revenue the company has lost each day on that tattoo since those appointment slots have been taken up by you. Skin Revolution Tattoo Studio strives to be a dynamic company that wants to be as transparent as possible about our Deposit and Scheduling policies. These policies protect the clients as well as the artist. The artist spends quite some time getting ready for your tattoo befre you even come in for it by researching, drawing, stenciling and setting up. We look forward to giving you a tattoo experience that you will love.
  • I have an appointment set - what do I need to do be ready for the appointment?
    Make sure the area you are going to get tattooed is being moisturized with a high qualitity all-natural lotion. The better condition your skin is before the tattoo, the better the tattoo will heal. Abstain from any alcohol, caffeine, asprin or any substances in your blood for 48 hours to prevent excessive bleeding. Get a good nights rest. Make sure that you have ate within 2 hours before your appointment. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to do your paperwork. Stay hydrated. If you are having a longer appointment make sure and bring some drinks and snacks to keep your blood sugar and energy up.
  • Who can come to my appointment?
    While we understand getting a tattoo is a fun and possibly a nervous time for you, Skin Revolution Tattoo Studio is allowing one person to accompany you to your appointment. This is due to the health and safety of our artist as well as the size or the artist areas. Unless otherwise discussed with the artist beforehand, NO CHILDREN UNDER 14 ALLOWED IN SHOP DURING THE TATTOO PROCESS. Any questions, please refer to your artist.
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